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Villa Traful

Nestled in the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park, surrounded by lush forests, streams, rivers, the Traful lake and many landscapes to be discovered.

Villa Traful opens its doors to everyone looking for peace and quiet.
Officially founded by the National Park Administration on November 30, 1936, with the purpose of having inhabitants along the borders, this small village naturally maintained by its inhabitants, offers many services.

Some of the most popular activities are hiking, trekking, bird watching, lake tours, all types of fishing, mountain bike and horse riding, having options for every family member to enjoy.

Located in the Southern region of the Province of Neuquén, 400 km away from de capital city, 100 km away from Bariloche and only 25 km away from the junction of RN 40 (National Road 40) (7-Lakes).

Villa Traful and Villa La Angostura are one hour and thirty minutes apart by car.

Accommodation in Villa Traful

Alto Traful Lodge & Suites
RPG5 0294-479003-02995725548

Gruta de la Virgen Lodge
0294-4446138 int 447
On Confluencia RN 237 (National Road 237)

Marinas Puerto Traful Lodge

Villa Traful Lodge and Cottages

Aiken Cottages

Arroyo Cataratas
Wild Camping
RP65 (Provincial Road 65), 8 km away from Traful.

Hostel, Camping & Cabins
(0294) 154692314/ (0294) 154311072/ (0294) 154231009

Traful Lauquen
Organized Camping

El Mirador
Organized Camping
RP65 (Provincial Road 65), 3 km away from Traful.

Paloma Araucana
Wild Camping
RP65 (Provincial Road 65), 4 km away from Traful.

Pichi Traful
Wild Camping

Rural Tourism
Estancia Rio Minero 0294-4527513
RP65 (Provincial Road 65), 15 km away from Villa Traful.
Confluencia Access. Cellular phone: 0294-4935568

Complementary Accommodation
Ñancu Lahuen

La Soñada

Patricia/Del Montañes’ Cottages

Walnor Cottages

Waldesruh Cottages

Costa Traful Cabins

Pablo Seeger Shelter

Attractions in Villa Traful:

Wind’s Viewpoint (Vantage point over a 100-meter-cliff of the lake, mounts and natural formations). Distance 4 km.

Sunken Forest and The Virgin Cave (Sailing the lake, there is a forest of sunken cypresses and huge cliffs). Distance: 15 minutes.

Las Mellizas Lake and Indian Paintings (Guided tour that starts on the opposite side of the lake. After a wonderful walk, you arrive at the Blue and Green Lagoons. The environment reveals a rock wall with Indian paintings). Duration: all day.

Co Lemu Cascade or Falls (Walking along a trail through the forest, after about 30 minutes, you will be surprised by an impressive waterfall). Distance: 8 Km from the Villa Traful.

Blanco Creeks & Coa Co Cascades (Easy-to-access trails for all the family members, with signs describing the birds of the region). Duration: 30-40 minutes.

Ñivinco Waterfalls (on the 7-Lakes route, a few km from Portezuelo, along the river edge, you can find 5 impressive waterfalls).

Mounts Negro & Monje (From the top, at about 2000 meters above sea level, there is an ample view of the Traful basin, mounts, volcanoes, etc.). Duration: about 5 hours Previous notice to National Park Administration (APN) required.

Arrayan Port (15 km away from Villa Traful, the lake water offers a unique beach and an ideal place for fly-fishing).

Cuyín Manzano (30 km away along the river edge, a new feature of the Patagonian steppe can be unveiled, and among rock formations, new figures can be discovered).

Paso Córdoba (over RP64 [Provincial Road 64], joining two National Parks, Lanín & Nahuel Huapi, 35 km to Confluencia Traful, and then 94 km to San Martín de los Andes going through the Filo HuaHum, Lake/Villa Meliquina).

Sport Fishing / Horse Riding / Hiking / Trekking / Bird watching / Big Game Hunting / Mountain Bike / Photographic Safaris

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