El Origen Powerade 2017 | El Origen | Aconcagua

El Origen Powerade 2017

TMX presents the sixth edition of this amazing three-consecutive-day race running through the most breathtaking places of our Andean Patagonia.
This time, the event will take us to the awesome landscapes of Villa Traful and Villa La Angostura.
As in previous editions, the race course will be entirely along trails, combining valleys, summits, swampy areas and lakes and lagoons coasteering.
The Camps, as usual in El Origen Powerade, will have premium services for runners to relax and rest to be ready for the coming stages. Homemade food, videos and photos screening every night, massaging and activities in the afternoon… Everything in an atmosphere that can only be achieved in a community of athletes and a unique Organizing Team as the one that is attained in El Origen Powerade!


March 2, 3 and 4, 2017


Villa Traful & Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, Argentine Patagonia.


– 100K: Between 30 km and 40 km per stage.
– 50K: Between 15 km and 20 km per stage.


1st Stage: From Villa La Angostura to Villa Traful.
2nd Stage: Villa Traful – Villa Traful.
3rd Stage: Villa Traful – Villa La Angostura.
3 days, 2 nights (Camp is optional).

– Individual
– Teams x 2
– Individual
– Teams x 2
Minimum age to take part in El Origen Powerade 100k is 17 years old (becoming 17 no later than March 2, 2017); participants under 18 years old must submit an authorization signed by his/her father, mother or legal guardian.
Minimum age to take part in El Origen Powerade 50K is 15 years old (becoming 15 no later than March 2, 2017); participants under 18 years old must submit an authorization signed by his/her father, mother or legal guardian.
It is MANDATORY to submit a current Medical Fitness Certificate signed by a medical doctor.
This requisite is obligatory to be able to pick up the race KITS.

The Camps:

We will have two camp nights on the banks of the lakes with awesome landscapes and the ideal comfort to relax, rest and mingle among runners and the Organizing Team. Camps are NOT mandatory. Runners who prefer to go back to their HOTELS/LODGES can do it by their own means, knowing they should be back to the start line the following day at the time set by the Organizing Team.

Mandatory Items:

Each person should have his/her mandatory items regardless if they run in teams.
These items must be carried along the three stages of the race either wearing them or in the backpack (both options are accepted).
Each runner must have:
Official bib over any other garment (provided by the Organizing Team)
Competitor’s number (provided by the Organizing Team)
1 backpack that goes through the shoulders
1 waterproof jacket
1 fleece or micro-fleece jacket/pullover
1 pair of sunglasses
1 long tights
1 hat
1 pair of gloves
1 first aid kit
1 cellular phone
1 whistle (not a toy whistle)
1 head torch
1 helmet
1 water bottle

Suggested Items:

These items should be carried inside the self-assistance bag.
Air mattress or sleeping pad
Igloo tent
Towel and hygiene items
Kit for blister treatment Ointment (such as Hipoglós), scissors, disinfectant, gauze, towel, Moleskin to cover blisters
Sandals: They are essential to have the feet in the open air after each stage.
Cap, hat or beanie
Warm jacket
2 pairs of well-used running shoes (1 pair for trail run and 1 pair for regular running)
Heater and water casserole
Digital photo camera
Note: Participants should also have utensils such as knife, fork and spoon.

First aid kit:

6 self-adhesive bandages (Moleskin, Compeed, band-aids).
2 rolls of elastic bandage: 1,50 m length x 10 cm width
2 rolls of NON-elastic bandage: 1,50 m length x 7,5 cm width
4 surgical dressing pads for deep wounds
3 individual packages of sterile gauze (10 x 10 cm) to cover wounds
1 roll of adhesive tape: 3 cm x 3 cm
60 ml of povidone iodine solution
6 pills of anti-diarrheal (loperamide)
6 pills of anti-histamine (loratadine)
100 ml of sunscreen F30
3 packets of rehydrating mineral salts
3 pills of ibuprofen 400 mg
1 pair of disposable latex gloves
1 pair of small scissors
1 pair of tweezers
Note: The first aid kit is designed for the 3 days of the race; therefore, its content should be rationed proportionally for each day.


Items rent and purchase:
O´Connors Rental
Av. Arrayanes 77 – Stores 1,2 and 3. Villa La Angostura
Working hours: from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm.
Email: tongas_mr@hotmail.com
Tel: 0294 4826444